Tiny kids grow up playing with toys. Toys are their best buddies. They talk, share fight with toys. Much of their early childhood is spent with toys. 1st School possesses around 200 verities of toys for different activities like:

Talks and stories about wild life are always evoked great interest among children. This room brings visuals of the fascinating world of jungle life into a classroom.

Acrobatic display is instinctive in children till the age of six. Gym room acts wings of safety to children in their acrobatic performances which are essential for their muscular development and co-ordination.

During formative years learning is predominantly by seeing and imitating. Children observe demonstrations of teachers and watch educative programmes and performances on TV and practice them. This room gives a platform with piano shaped stage.

Painting and playing with colours are inevitable fun activities during childhood. Their imagination gets shaped when they hold a brush. Kids are trained in drawing pictures, colouring and painting. This room exhibits artistic pictures and paintings.

Playing with vessels and cooking activity are very common among young children. This room brings the olden days play time with safe kitchen materials.

Playing in water is an endless joy. The splash pool offers fascinating activities to enjoy and learn.

Brings olden days teaching and learning atmosphere. Children are made to practice the beginning of their writing skills, making shapes, and measuring quantities.