“There’s so much to appreciate you and your staff. First of all, it was a pleasant surprise for us when Akansha loved to go to school. I’m happy that you have instilled into her a positive approach towards learning. I’m extremely grateful to the patience and encouragement you have shown towards Akansha to help her come out of her shell. It is such a joy to see this once reserved child, interact with her peers.”

  • Ms. Crystal Ajay.

“We decided not to look for any other pre-school because 1st School is managed by a very efficient and qualified team and the safe and neat infrastructure. The school is flawless. The nurturing environment and fun-filled constructive activities have helped Parnika to learn a lot.”

  • Ms. Priya Banarji

“We are happy, satisfied and confident in our experience with you. We are thankful for instilling the spark of development (in Bharath) in socialization, etiquette, communication and all…”

  • Mr. Sreekumar & Ms. Sunita (Inner Vision Executive Director)

“Ishaan has shown remarkable improvement in his socializing skills and in his ability to communicate with his friends and family. His affinity towards rhymes has also increased since he joined the play-school.”

  • Ms Meetu suhas (Architect)

“I have felt a gradual but tremendous progress in Pranav’s activities, communication and general behaviour. seeing him happily run into the hands of the teachers is a great thing for me. Every morning I leave the school to my office with a sense of satisfaction that my baby is spending some happy hours.”

  • Ms. Swapna Manoj (Charted accountant)

“I really appreciate the way in which you helped Alphy in improving speech quality and the patience/interest shown in listening to her and developing a keen liking to learn the subjects pretty faster.”

  • Mr. Prince Jose (Regional Manager – PRM Admin.)

“It’s my pride and delight to tell that we are members of the first school family. It’s been a year since my son Joel joined the school. He has a very good time at school’s friendly atmosphere, toys, swimming pool, video room, modern amenities all that a kid of his age would be amused by. He has developed good eating habits, leaving his cravings for junk food as the school stresses on healthy food habits. I want my son to continue in the same school to get a strong foundation for the years to go.”

  • Elizabeth George Mathew

“We are happy to see the overall development of our child.”

  • Mr. A.P. Vasavan Advocate.