Play Group & Nursery

Learning in the early years (play group & nursery) matters. It makes a big difference to your child later in education, work and life. What happens to a child in the early years can affect how the brain develops.

A broad exposure at 1st SCHOOL will give your child many a kind of experience. Which will help the child develop and learn in all areas. We call this paying attention to the ‘whole child’.

We make your child learn to:

  • Use language.

  • Get along with others.

  • Feel confident.

  • Draw, paint, sing and dance.

  • Find out, explore and solve problems.

  • Your child will also learn about:

  • Herself / himself

  • Other people and

  • The world around

  • K.G. - 1 & K.G. - 2

    A kindergarten experience gives your child the opportunity to:

  • Develop communication skills and skills that assist with reading and writing

  • Develop responsibility and independence, gaining confidence and a feeling of self-worth

  • Learn social skills such as listening and respecting other people’s ideas

  • Learn to be creative

  • Do maths, social studies and science

  • Develop environmental awareness

  • Use technology

  • Discover the joy of learning

  • Make new friends.