Judiciously designed curriculum

Learning varies from person to person. Hence we have taken a great care in preparing the syllabi of our programme which is blend of montessory and playway method. The need of the learners and their educational standards are analyzed in depth to meet every learner’s requirements. For each class, we have prepared syllabus based on their level of perception. Each module has been designed as an activity for the active involvement of the learners. These activities / modules make a passive listener into an active learner.

As they are young minds being ready to absorb anything that is taught to them, it is very essential that they are taught the right things in the right manner.

  • Sensory development: Through activities that encourage children to use their five senses to explore the world around them.

  • Play based learning activities: Short skits, sand play, water play and creative play.

  • Language and literary awareness activities: Help children develop a love for books and reading, develop pre-writing and writing skills using concepts and stories.

  • Mathematical activities: Taught through a hands-on, practical approach so that basic concepts are properly learnt.

  • Science and nature studies: Provide children with an opportunity to make their own investigation and carry out simple experiments.

  • Creative activities: Nurture the creative side through art and craft, music and drama.

  • Physical development activities: Faster strength, balance, stamina, and co-ordination.

  • Field trips: Develop personality and confidence.