About Us

we are a team of ‘out of the box‘ thinking with much needed experience and enthusiasm.

She has been in the field of teaching for the past ten years in reputed Kendriya Vidyalaya, C.B.S.E. Schools and Teacher Training Institutions. Along with her creative and experimentative teaching she has also done a lot of studies on child psychology, child’s learning behavior and patterns. She is immensely popular with tiny kids in the school. She also conducts workshops for “Kinder Garten Teachers” on various topics.

He possesses the knowledge and skill of running institutions smoothly. He has been well appreciated for Human Resource Management. He has widely travelled and interacted with people from various fields. He dreams of ambitious projects for better and relevant education which takes our children to international level. He also conducts workshops on English Language Teaching, Creative Teaching and Human Resource Management.

He has been in the field of teaching for the last eighteen years. He has developed many creative ways of teaching English. He conducts workshops on “English For Teachers” in C.B.S.E. schools across Kerala. His enthusiasm and energy in celebrating concept days festivals is enviable. He is a great inspiration for many upcoming teachers. He has widely travelled and done field study on relevant education.

He has been in the field of higher education and teacher training institutions. He has a great vision of quality education through quality teachers. Widely traveled and in constant touch with educational authorities like book publishers, trainers and university departments. Based in Bangalore, he has been a great support to educational activities of 1st School

about 1stschool team